OES Martha Chapter #32

Martha Chapter is part of the largest fraternal organization worldwide for both women and men. Our teachings are based on the Bible, however the Order of the Eastern Star is not a religion and is neither secret nor political. Our symbol is the Star of Bethlehem with the five-pointed star as our accepted emblem. Our lessons of brotherly love, relief and truth are portrayed through biblical heroines in our initiation ceremony. Business meetings are conducted with an open Bible on the altar and the flag of our country displayed.

The first Eastern Star Chapter in Anoka was North Star Chapter #7 started on June 27, 1878. The building was destroyed in a fire some 6 years later. Because no meetings were held or business conducted their Charter was recalled. In 1898 Mrs. Harriet Woodmansee formed Martha Chapter. She had moved to Anoka from Missouri and wanted to have an Eastern Star Chapter she could belong to here.

Martha Chapter has had an active role in many parts of the city of Anoka and its community over the past 110 years. All members have their own reasons for joining the organization. The Order of the Eastern Star allows us opportunities to enjoy fellowship, build friendships and have fun.

In partnership with out Masonic brothers, members of the Eastern Star dedicate themselves to supporting a variety of local and national charities. Examples include: the Minnesota Masonic Homes, the Masonic Memorial Cancer Hospital at the University of Minnesota, and the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic. Our largest worldwide project is the ESTARL Fund – Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership. This project has assisted those studying for the ministry, missions, youth leadership, education and other related fields. We also have scholarships for high school seniors to use for post secondary education. We also support our Masonic family youth groups: Job’s Daughters, Rainbow for Girls, and DeMolay.

To be eligible for membership in the Order of the Eastern Star you may be an affiliated Master Mason in good standing, the wife, daughter, legally adopted daughter, mother, widow, sister, half sister, granddaughter, stepmother, stepdaughter, stepsister, daughter-in-law, grandmother, great-granddaughter, niece, great-niece, mother-in-law, sister-in-law or daughter of a sister or brother of an affiliated Master Mason in good standing, (or if deceased, in good standing at the time of his death).

Martha Chapter holds it regularly scheduled meeting the 1st and 3rd Thursday s of every month except July and August.

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